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Small Print Shop


2 Domains, Free installation.

  • Small sized retail print shop.
  • Unlimited for sub/add-on domains.
  • Add photo.
  • Add text/paragraph.
  • Swap product color.
  • Multiple product sides.
  • Transforming tool.
  • Preview customized design.
  • Watermark of copyright.
  • Save customized design preview.
  • Share customized design.
  • Support SVG artwork.
  • Text option, graphic option.
  • Upload and crop photo from PC.
  • Cliparts management.
  • Fonts management.
  • Layer objects pricing.
  • Set up cost for text and photo.
  • Support multi language/multi store.
  • Editable product design pattern.
  • Output formats in PNG, PDF.
  • Overlay image with multi design area.
  • Get photo from Facebook.
  • Get photo from Instagram.
  • Text quotes management. New
  • Save customized design to my account. New
  • Shapes management. New
  • Curved Text Plugin. New
  • QR-Code plugin.
  • Source code are customizable.

X3 - Medium Print Shop


3 Domains, Free installation, Lifetime upgrade.

  • Included all features of STANDARD Edition.
  • Medium sized retail print shop.
  • Highly recommended solution for printing company.
  • Output format are SVG, PDF, PNG in high resolution.
  • Optimization for higher speed and SEO(3x faster).
  • Included Background pattern management.
  • Included Mask layer management.
  • Included Design templates management.
  • Advanced curved text plugin.
  • User can upload vectors(.AI,.PDF,.PSD,.EPS) & auto convert into high resolution PNG.
  • Free installation and active domain license key.
  • Unlimited for sub/add-on domains.
  • Source code are customizable.
  • Compatible with Multi vendor Marketplace Pro (vendor can sell product design).
  • Compatible with both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x.

New Products Designer Pro for Large Printing Shop!

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